© ICON Interiors, Inc. 2012 OVERVIEW Our work is focused in commercial office sector, Call Centre, Bank, Media, Networks and Government Offices both local and foreign and other privates offices in the Philippines. Each Project we undertake draws the appropriate knowledge and skill from our entire team to provide the best possible offering to our clients. Icon's founder Carlos Tanbio, takes an active role in the day-to-day running of the company. Our team of designer and sales work closely with our clients to deliver complete workplace solutions. Together we create both aesthetic and functional environments, enhancing our clients productivity and inspiring even greater achievements. Our success is propelled by an understanding and promotion of revolutionary work space environments. Blending Design and Value, our work exemplifies today's craving for environments that balance the speed and immediacy of technology with the need for human interaction. We believe that we do is more than just design, Our work and passion is about creating better concepts that revolutionizes design while encompassing our clients corporate image and business culture. STRENGTHS At ICON we remain focused on client services and making sure we provide our clients with the highest quality professional services. We can provide a full spectrum of interior office services. It is this commitment to excellence that has guaranteed our success. ICON has left behind the traditional workspace attitude and instead strives to bring forward a wealth of innovative design to resolve the workplace challenges in today's demanding business environment. We aim to ensure our tailor-made service that suits the requirements of the clients. By building strong elationships and emphasizing communication, work together with the client to pursue design and planning excellence, whilst applying firm cost control. We will continue to expand our horizons in an effect to provide new ideas for our clients as they operate their businesses in an increasingly challenging and competitive environment. OUR TEAM We understand that the creativity of our people is one of our greatest strength and we use this principle to achieve our objectives. We attract the best and follow our simple founding principles of honesty, integrity and fresh ideas to keep our people happy and engaged in the business of generating new concepts and solution for our clients.